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Zope (Z Object Publishing Environment) is the name of a Python language Web app server, as well as a foundation and a corporation that support and promote the server’s development. The Zope app server is free and open source.

Zope has been under continual development for decades by one of the largest open-source tech communities in the world, and has spawned significant output in that time. With the support of its community, Zope has created a number of Web frameworks, most notably Zope 2 and Zope 3 (BlueBream).

Founders: Paul Everett, Rob Page (Zope Corporation)
CEO: Rob Page
1995: Digital Creations (later Zope Corporation) founded in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
1997: Digital Creations undergoes transition to independent ownership
1998: Zope begins to be offered for free
2000: Python Labs joins Zope Corporation
2004: Zope 3 released
2010: Zope 3 becomes BlueBream

The Zope Corporation is headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA.