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Xindice (Retired)

Xindice (Retired)

Apache Xindice is a retired Apache Software Foundation XML database that allows users to store XML data without having to map to any other kind of structure. Xindice is built on an independent model that favors the semi-structured construct of XML data, and provides a level of flexibility not available in many other types of data structures. Though it is possible to use a variety of languages in Xindice (via an XML-RPC API), the database has two native languages: XML DB XUpdate (an update language) and Xpath (a query language).

Apache Xindice was retired and placed in the Apache Attic by the Apache Software foundation. However, the Apache Xindice website remains up, as do its downloads and an issue tracker. Archived versions of Xindice are available for download from Apache Software.

Chairman: Brett Porter (Apache Software Foundation chair)
Vice President of Apache Attic: Henri Yandell
1999: Apache Software Foundation formed
2000: dbXML Core begins development
2001: dbXML source code donated to the Apache Software foundation
2003: Apache Xindice 1.1b3 released
2004: Apache Xindice 1.1b4 released
2006: Apache Xindice 1.1 released
2011: Apache Xindice is retired and placed in the Apache Attic

The Apache Software foundation is based out of Forest Hill, Maryland, USA.