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VItria is a technology company with software that integrates data-rich processes and analyzes event data and business activity. These tasks are carried out by Vitria’s core products: Businessware and Vitria Operational Intelligence (VItria OI).

With Businessware, users can integrate business processes—claims processing, orders and shipping, money exchanges, etc.—within a company or between companies. Vitria OI is an analysis platform that helps customers glean insights from data.

Founders: JoMei Chang and Dale Skeen
CEO: JoMei Chang
1994: Vitria Technology founded
1999: Vitria goes public
2003: Chang resigns as CEO
2007: Vitria goes private; Chang returns as CEO
2008: Vitria OI is launched
2013: Vitria OI 4 is launched

Vitria is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA.