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Terracotta, Inc. is a computer technology company that develops big data management and analysis resources. The company’s most well-known product, BigMemory, is an enterprise-grade, in-memory suite for data management. With quick, low latency performance, BigMemory can hold hundreds of terabytes at once while making data easy to locate and access for users. Terracotta, Inc. produces other software-based products, including: Ehcache, In-Genius, Quartz, Quartz Scheduler, Terracotta Enterprise Suite and Web Sessions.

Terracotta Inc. is a subsidiary of Software AG

Founders: Peter Schnell and five other AIV employees (Software AG) and Ari Zilka (Terracotta, Inc.)
CEO: Karl-Heinz Streibich (CEO, Software AG), Dr. John Bates (CTO, Terracotta, Inc.)
1969: Software AG founded
2003: Terracotta, Inc. founded
2011: Software AG acquires Terracotta, Inc.

Terracotta, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. Software AG has its headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.