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Teradata Corporation is a publicly traded technology company that specializes in creating software, hardware and consulting services to help businesses manage and analyze their data. Teradata’s relational database management system supports a variety of products, most notably Teradata Unified Data Architecture and the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform.

Founders: Dr. Jack E. Shemer, Dr. Philip M. Neches, Walter E. Muir, Jerold R. Modes, William P. Worth and Carroll Reed.
CEO: Michael Koehler
1979: Teradata founded and incorporated in Brentwood, CA
1983: Teradata releases first beta system
1987: Teradata’s initial public offering is made at the New York Stock Exchange
1991: Teradata acquired by NCR
2002: Teradata Warehouse 7.0 released
2005: Teradata Warehouse 8.1. released
2006: Teradata releases the Enterprise Master Data Management Solution
2007: NCR and Teradata separate into two distinct companies; Mike Koehler made CEO of Teradata
2007: Teradata releases Teradata 12
2008: Teradata releases Teradata Purpose Built Platform Family; Teradata Accelerate released
2009: Teradata Database 13 released
2010: Teradata Extreme Data Appliance released.

Teradata is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, USA, with additional offices in San Diego, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; Atlanta, Georgia; San Carlos Office, California, USA. Teradata also has offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, and throughout the Americas.

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