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Starcounter is a computer technology company with an in-memory database of the same name. The Starcounter database integrates with applications to perform the typical tasks of a DBMS, all stored in RAM and capable of being powered by multi-core processors in the common cpu. The application/database integration is made possible by Starcounter’s own Virtual Machine Database Management System (VMDBMS).

Starcounter can run multiple parallel transactions, and with Optimistic Concurrency Control and ACID compliance is built for secure, consistent data handling across networks with thousands to millions of users.

Founder: Joachim Wester
CEO: Kristoffer Lundegren
2006: Starcounter founded
2013: Starcounter 2.0 released
2014: Asa Holmstrom steps down as CEO; Kristoffer Lundegren appointed CEO

Starcounter is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.