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Spago BI

SpagoBI is an open-source business intelligence suite developed by the SpagoBI Competency Center, a project of technology firm Engineering Group.

SpagoBI is set of enterprise-grade data analysis solutions consisting of the SpagoBI Server, a server with data mining and OLAP analysis and visualization capabilites that supports a variety of applications, namely: SpagoBI Studio, for modifying reports; SpagoBI Meta, for managing metadata in SpagoBI; and SpagoBI SDK, for integrating disparate services.

Founder: Engineering Group
Project Leader: Grazia Cazzin
2004: SpagoBI project begins development
2005: First SpagoBI project website goes public; first version of SpagoBI suite is released
2009: SpagoBI 2.0 released
2011: SpagoBI 3.0 released
2012: SpagoBI Mobile released
2013: SpagoBI 4.0 released

SpagoBI is based out of Italy, with offices in Bologna, Milan, Padua, Palermo, Rome and Turin. SpagoBI keeps international offices in New York CIty, New York, USA; São Paulo, Brazil; and Brussels, Belgium.