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Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is an advertising technology company that creates artificial intelligence software to help marketers and publishers gain insights into customer behavior and create more targeted and effective digital collateral and campaigns. The company specializes in TV and movies, fashion, auto, cpg, hotel and casinos and holiday advertising.

Rocket Fuel’s media buying platform uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze big data and optimize digital marketing in four mediums:
Display: Rocket Fuel for Display lets users track metrics to identify audience behavior as customers interact with online displays in real time. Rocket Fuel for Display also conducts surveys, manages the marketing funnel, and tests and analyzes online and offline marketing campaign results.
Video: Rocket Fuel for Video uses digital targeting techniques to help marketers create high-impact videos. It provides tools for conducting analysis that optimize views and impact by placing videos in the best locations with the right messages.
Mobile: Rocket Fuel for Mobile allows users to access Rocket Fuel-produced data from their mobile devices. Rocket Fuel for Mobile also gives users tools to create digital marketing collateral (videos, displays, etc.) that can be accessed on mobile devices.
Social Media: Rocket Fuel for Social leverages online tools like FaceBook Exchange to allow marketers to purchase ads and to optimize ad design and placement on social media platforms. Rocket Fuel for Social also provides data to help marketers create more effective social media campaigns and increase visibility and engagement.

Founders: George John, Abhinav Gupta, and Richard Frankel,
CEO: George John
2008: Rocket Fuel founded
2012: Partnership established with cyber communications inc. (cci) for expansion into Japanese market
2012: Audience Accelerator released

Rocket Fuel is a publicly traded company with its headquarters in Redwood City, CA. The company also keeps offices in cities throughout the United States and the world, including: Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles, California; San Francisco, California; New York, New York; Seattle, Washington; Washington D.C.; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Hamburg, Germany; London, England; Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; Toronto, Ontario; Milan, Italy; and Stockholm, Sweden.

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