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Roambi is an application for data analytics and visualization created by a development firm called MeLLmo Inc. Roambi’s products transform data into interactive, customizable visuals that can be viewed and shared from iOS-based mobile devices.

Founders: Santiago Becerra, David Becerra, Quinton Alsbury and Jaime Zuluaga
CEO: Santiago Becerra
Funding: $44 million total; $4 million in angel funding; $10 million in venture round funding; $30 million Series A funding from Sequoia Capital.
2008: MeLLmo founded; Basic Software Development Kit released
2009: Roambi Analytic released as free iPhone app; angel funding
2010: Roambi released for iPad; venture round funding
2011: Roambi Flow released; Series A funding
2013: Roambi Business released

Roambi Analytics: The company’s flagship product, Roambi Analytics receives uploaded data from spreadsheets, unstructured databases, BI databases or CRM and converts input into graphics that can be viewed and shared between iOS-based mobile devices.
Roambi Flow: Roambi Flow is a tool that lets the user craft and publish digital, magazine-style presentations around data that include a variety of rich media such as text, video and images. The presentation tools in Roambi Flow integrate with the analytics and graphic creation tools in Roambi Analytics.
Roambi ES: Roambi ES takes the data analysis and visualization capabilities of Roambi Analytics and applies them on a larger scale across businesses and organizations, turning existent business data into analytics.
Roambi Business: Roambi Business is essentially a cloud based version of Roambi Analytics services, designed especially for small businesses, allowing them to access Roambi services the same way larger businesses do.

MeLLmo was initially founded as a stealth LLC and remained so until May, 2009 when Roambi was first released. The company is headquartered in Solana Beach, CA, and has its strongest customer bases in telecommunications, consumer and biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

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