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RJMetrics is a business intelligence provider that develops data analysis and data visualization software optimized for use by companies that work in ecommerce, online content distribution, social media and SaaS. RJMetrics’ business intelligence solutions are delivered entirely online.

Founders: Robert Moore and Jake Stein
CEO: Robert Moore
Funding: $7.45 million total funding; $1.25 million in initial funding from SoftTech VC, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Zelkova Ventures, Vision Ventures and Red Swan; and $6.25 million in Series A round funding from Trinity Ventures and SoftTech VC

2009: RJMetrics founded
2012: Initial funding
2013: Series A round funding

RJMetrics hosts a business intelligence platform that replicates data, prepares it for analysis, and gives it back to the customer along with tools for analysis and visualization. RJMetrics’ platform produces business intelligence in a 5-step process:

Data import: RJMetrics connectors extract customer data from the cloud, SQL databases and NoSQL databases and channels all of it through a public API.
Replication and transformation: Data is placed into a transformation layer where it is prepared for analysis.
Data warehouse: Data prepped for analysis is transferred to a single data warehouse
that stores data for all of RJMetrics’ clients.
Dashboard/data cache: Queried data is extracted from the data warehouse, loaded into dashboards and is cached in a caching layer.
Visualization: The RJMetrics platform lets users load data into pre-built charts and/or create their own charts and dashboard layouts from scratch.

RJMetrics founders Robert Moore and Jake Stein bootstrapped the company for its first three years before procuring initial funding. The company is based out of Philadelphia, PA and serves customers in a range of industries, from online retail to oftware development.