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Rapid Analytics

Rapid Analytics

Rapidminer, Inc. (formerly Rapid-I) is a software company that distributes the data mining analysis platform RapidMiner (formerly called Yet Another Learning Environment, or YALE). The RapidMiner platform is multi-faceted, with text and data mining abilities, as well as extract transform load (ETL), visualization, reporting, and predictive analytics functions. Earlier versions of RapidMiner software are open sourced.

The RapidMiner platform is bundled into two core products: RapidMiner Studio, for data visualization, and RapidMiner Server, for data analysis.

Founders: Simon Fischer, Ralf Klinkenberg and Ingo Mierswa PhD
CEO: Ingo Mierswa, PhD
2001: Yet Another Learning Environment (YALE), predecessor to the RapidMiner platform, is developed in the Artificial Intelligence Unit of the Technical University of Dortmund
2006: Rapid-I is founded
2007: The YALE platform’s name is changed to RapidMiner
2013: RapidMiner receives initial venture funding—$5 million from David Asmara, Earlybird Venture Capital, Michael Widenius and Open Ocean in a Series A round.

RapidMiner is headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, with an additional office in Dorfman, Germany.