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Qubole is a tech startup founded by the authors of Apache Hive—former Facebook engineers responsible for creating and managing Facebook’s 25PB data service. Qubole has a cloud-based Hadoop service platform for analyzing big data and building big data applications. The design is such that it hides the typical complexity of big data management, doing the most of the heavy lifting behind a simple, intuitive user interface.

Qubole’s platform links users to their data in real time with Open Database Connectivity and SQL and HiveQL. With a software as a service platform, Qubole technology can be run in an Internet browser.

CEO: Ashish Thusoo
Founders: Joydeep Sen Sharma and Ashish Thusoo
2011: Qubole founded
2013: Qubole receives initial funding totaling $7 million in a Series A round from Anand Rajaram, Charles River Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Venky Harinarayan

Qubole’s North American headquarters is in Mountain View, California, USA. The company has an Indian headquarters as well, in Bangalore, India.

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