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Current Status: Acquired by Aggregate Knowledge (which was acquired by Neustar)

Quantivo delivers the industry’s first ad-hoc analytics tool for marketing that is fast, flexible, and frictionless.

Unlike traditional solutions, Quantivo empowers you to quickly audit, load, integrate and analyze large data sets from disparate sources – within hours, not weeks. This is only possible because of Quantivo’s proven, proprietary pattern-store technology, advanced query engine, and elastic cloud architecture. These powerful capabilities drastically simplify the loading of data, and enables users to discover associations in their data through a drag-and-drop interface. Through this intuitive query interface, users receive answers from complicated queries within seconds.

The combination of a friendly UI, short learning curve, and affordable pricing model allows Quantivo to be adopted by larger audiences within the organization and brings powerful ad-hoc analysis to companies of all sizes.

With Quantivo’s patented technology platform, business users can directly interact with their massive data assets to gain business insight and uncover key monetizable trends that are often buried in complex storage systems, lost within channels between business users and IT support, or inaccessible with traditional analytics solutions that lack insight into event-level detail.

Quantivo’s analytics platform has been in commercial use by Fortune 500 companies since 2005 and has been awarded five US patents. Quantivo is backed by top-tier venture capital firms, including Foundation Capital and Partech International.

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