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QlikView is a business intelligence platform created by software company QlikTech that gives users the ability to conflate massive data sets for real-time search, analysis, visualization and sharing.
Founders: QlikTech founders, Björn Berg and Staffan Gestrelius
CEO: Lars Björk
Funding: $12.5 million in venture round funding from Accel Partners and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)
1993: QlikTech Founded in Sweden; first software offering, a business intelligence program called QuikView (quality, understanding, interaction, knowledge), released
1996: QuickView Renamed QlikView
2000: Måns Hultman named CEO, Lars Björk named CFO
2004: Venture round funding to further develop business intelligence software offering
2007: Lars Björk named CEO
2010: QlikTech initiates first public offering; IPO valuation of $1 billion

QlikView performs multiple analytics, visualization and sharing functions from a single platform. Qlikview’s range of capabilities can generally be divided into three categories:

Business Intelligence: The business intelligence end of QlikView software consolidates big data from multiple sources with plug and play connectors to databases from platforms like Informatica, SAP and Salesforce.
Qlikview uploads and automatically discovers associations within data and keeps a record of transformations and definitions.
Qlikview also visualizes data, allowing users to select and manipulate graphics.
Community: QuikView enables multiple users in a network to input data and build graphics in real time from separate locations. Collaborators can communicate on-screen with a note-taking function that facilitates and saves discussions.
App Building: QlikView comes with tools for building applications for analysis and visualization. With QlikMarket, customers can post applications they have built to the QlikView community at large as well as access applications created by other QlikView users.

QlikView has been and remains QlikTech’s flagship offering. QlikTech is based out of Radnor, PA. The company has offices in dozens of countries, and serves currently serves thousands of customers across a variety of industries and governments.