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Pentaho is a company that creates business analytics support software. Its core product is the Pentaho Business Analytics Platform—a data analytics solution that the company offers alongside business applications such as: Pentaho Aggregate Designer (PAD), Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian), Pentaho Analyzer (PAZ), Pentaho for Big Data, Pentaho Dashboard Designer (PDD), Pentaho Data Access Wizard, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) and Pentaho Data Mining, among others.

CEO: Quentin Gallivan
Founders: James Dixon, Doug Moran, Marc Batchelor, Richard Daley
2004: Pentaho founded
2005: Pentaho’s Business Intelligence Suite released; Pentaho receives initial venture investment of $13 million in Series A funding from New Enterprise Associates and Index Ventures
2011: Quentin Gallivan appointed as CEO

Pentaho’s headquarters is in Orlando, Florida, USA. The company also has offices in Antwerp, Belgium; London, United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; Paris, France; San Francisco, California, USA; and Valencia, Spain.

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