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OrientDB is a Java-based database management system. It is open source and functions both as a graph and document DBMS. OrientDB is a property of Orient Technologies LTD, a company founded to provide the product with enterprise-grade support.

A basic version of Orient Technologies’ DBMS is available for free in the OrientDB Community Edition. A more robust, business-ready version called OrientDB Enterprise Edition is available for purchase.

Founder: Luca Garulli
Head Software Writer: Luca Garulli
1999: OrientODBMS, a basic OrientDB programming prototype, created
2009: OrientDB created
2011: Orient Technologies founded by Luca Garulli and the main OrientDB project committers
2013: OrientDB v. 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 released

Orient Technologies is based out of London, UK.