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NEO (Nexedi 8 Objects) is an object-oriented database in which all stored objects are distributed among multiple nodes. This construction results in functionality that distinguishes itself with a degree of fault tolerance and scalability that very few storage interface implementation platforms can match.

NEO makes use of a storage interface called ZOBD (Zope Object Database). Because NEO is distributed it relies upon network communications to function properly. Transactional functions are controlled by a primary master node, and new storage nodes can be added as the need for extra space arises.

Founder: Jean-Paul Smets
2001: ERP5 created by Jean-Paul Smets; Nexedi founded to support the development of ERP5
2005: The NEO project is initiated by Nexedi
2009: NEO endorsed by FEDER programme of the EU, System@tic competitive cluster, and Paris Region

Nexedi has offices in France, Germany, Japan, China, Senegal and Brazil.