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MongoDB is a document database that is open source—a NoSQL solution for document-oriented storage. The database, which derives it’s name from the word “humongous,” has been used by some of the most popular websites in the world, from eHarmony to the New York Times.

MongoDB’s features include full index support, querying capabilities and a map/reduce database command for map/reduce operations, among others. MongoDB is developed and distributed by software company MongoDB, Inc., formerly 10gen.

Founders: Eliot Horowitz, Dwight Merriman, Kevin Ryan
CEO: Max Schireson
2007: 10gen founded; MongoDB begins development
2009: MongoDB open sourced
2010: MongoDB becomes “production ready”
2013: 10gen changes its name to MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB, Inc. keeps its headquarters in New York City, New York and Palo Alto, California, USA. The company also has offices in the US states of Virginia, Georgia and Texas as well as in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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