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Metamarkets is a software as a service provider of real-time bidding analytics solutions that help online advertisers maker more strategic decisions about ad bidding and placement.

Founders: David Soloff and Mike Driscoll
CEO: Mike Driscoll
2010: Metamarkets founded
2012: Metamarkets partners with social data platform company, DataSift, to integrate social data into a big data platform
2012: Metamarket open sources Druid, its streaming, real-time data store
2011: Metamarkets Mobile Analytics Launched

Metamarkets headquarters is in San Francisco, California. The company has a second office in New York City, New York. Metamarkets is privately held, and has been awarded funding in a number of venture capital rounds. Investors include: IA Ventures, Village Ventures
True Ventures, Founder Collective, AOL Ventures, Jim Pallotta, Peter Hershberg,
Dennis Crowley, Anthemis Group, Joshua Stylman, Stan Shuman,
FLOODGATE, Neu Venture Capital and Khosla Ventures.

Metamarkets’ product is an embeddable dashboard with the power to process billions of online media transactions and provide sweeping, accurate views of the media market, such as data and price analytics. Metamarkets’ dashboard is optimized to improve media buying for buyers, sellers, and the marketplace:

Buyers: Provides data and visualizations that help advertisers determine the “which” and “where” of ad buying, in order to deliver the right ads to the right audience. Metamarkets’ software provides bidding data in real time, to help adjust for sudden market shifts and new information. It also provides project management tools for tracking objectives and campaigns.
Sellers: Helps determine the best strategies for optimized sales with placement data and analysis as well as demographic and content targeting. Metamarkets also keeps track of sellers’ inventory quality and supply.
Marketplaces: Supplies the marketplace with data to help keep a real-time pulse on the status of auctions, in order to more successfully engage buyers, sellers and competitors.