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Mark Logic

Mark Logic

MarkLogic is a software company whose primary product is a NoSQL database by the same name—a “big data application platform,” as the company calls it. With advanced scaling capabilites, Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) transactions, and other features, the MarkLogic big data platform is capable of handling large volumes of data in any structure.

MarkLogic also comes with indexing and querying functionality, Hadoop compatibility, tiered storage, application development tools and APIs. And with MarkLogic Semantics, users can store RDF triples and SPARQL queries, making it possible to pair contextual information alongside data.

Founder: Christopher Lindblad and Paul Pedersen
CEO: Gary Bloom
2001: MarkLogic Founded
2002: MarkLogic receives initial capital investment in a Series A round totalling $6 million from Sequoia Capital
2012: Gary Bloom appointed CEO

MarkLogic has its headquarters in San Carlos, California, USA, with additional offices in Virginia, New York, and Illinois (USA); Germany; Japan; the Netherlands; and the UK.