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IPONWEB is a private global ad and media trading technology company that creates advertising infrastructure and information analytics. IPONWEB helps Internet advertisers leverage the power of Real Time Bidding (RTB), an emerging technique for the real-time purchase and sale of Internet display advertising.

IPONWEB’s products create impression-based, predictive advertising using an RTB engine called u-Platform. u-Platform is a rapid development environment that hosts a variety of RTB solutions for customers to choose from.

u-Server: IPONWEB’s in-house ad-server for big-data driven RTB decisioning engines.
u-Predict: Applies user and advertiser data to complex algorithms, creating response probability models to predict online behavior and drive more efficient RTB.
u-Audience: Creates audience segments for targeted online ad delivery.
u-ETL: A hadoop cluster IPONWEB uses to integrate client data from different sources, streamlining analytics and operations.
u-Slicer: Stores massive amounts of data (in the form of data representations) in the cloud, saving clients the the expense of traditional data warehousing.

Founders: Boris Mouzykantskii, PhD. and Natalia Mouzykantskii
CEO: Boris Mouzykantskii, PhD.
2001: IPONWEB founded by Boris Mouzykantskii and his wife, Natalia
2004: RightMedia platform begins development
2007: Yahoo acquires RightMedia platform
2008: Development of u-Platform, begins
2009: u-Platform released
2011: u-Predict expanded; strategic partnership with Digital Advertising Consortium, Inc. (DAC) established to expand into Chinese and Japanese markets

IPONWEB is a multinational company with clients in countries all over the world. The company has offices in the Republic of Cyprus, The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia. IPONWEB keeps its international headquarters in London, UK (where IPONWEB was founded) with its engineering operations headquartered in Moscow, Russia. IPONWEB has worked with strategic partners all over the world to expand the scope reach of the its RTB solutions including ClickDistrict, DAC, Platform One, Inc. and Advantage 24.