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Infochimps is a CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation)-owned platform for creating and overseeing big data environments. Apart from its management functions, the Infochimps Platform also provides tools for data analysis.

The Infochimps Platform is cloud based and performs its functions with 3 core features: Infochimp Cloud Hadoop, with batch analytics for Hadoop; Infochimp Cloud Streams, with complex event processing, extract, transform, load capabilities and analytics in real time; and Infochimp Cloud Queries, with analytics functionality and a NoSQL database.

Founders: Dhruv Bansal, Joseph Kelly and Philip Kromer (Infochimps)
CEO: Mike Lawrie (CSC)
1959: CSC founded
2009: Infochimps founded
2010: Infochimps awarded investment of $350,000 in angel funding from Stage One Capital
2013: CSC acquires Infochimps

Infochimps has offices in Austin, Texas, USA and Silicon Valley, California, USA.

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