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InfoBright is a software tech company that specializes in the analysis of machine-generated data. Its core offering is an analytic database platform that the company positions as an underlying infrastructure for the Internet of Things—essentially, a solution for making sense of data produced by machines that comprise the Internet of Things.

InfoBright’s product offerings include Infobright Community Edition, the free, open source version of the company’s analytic database; Infobright Enterprise Edition, a more robust commercial version of the database; and Infopliance, a proprietary database analysis appliance.

Founders: Dominik Speak and Cas Apanowicz
CEO: Don DeLoach
1981: Zdzislaw Paula creates Rough Set, a mathematical tool that helped form the foundation for InfoBright programming
2005: InfoBright founded
2008: InfoBright releases a portion of its software as open source

InfoBright is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company has offices in Chicago, Illinois, USA; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Dublin, Ireland; and Warsaw, Poland.