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EyeDB is a free, open source Object Database Management System (OODBMS) with C++ and Java bindings as well as object definition and object query languages. The database functions on an advanced object model, with standard features that include a persistent typed data management, transactional services, application programming interfaces, inheritance, reflexivity, arrays and more.

The EyeDB OODBMS receives continual support from SYSRA, a technology and consulting firm in France.

Founders: The Genethon laboratories
CEO: Eric Viara (SYSRA)
1992: The Genome View project begins at Genethon laboratories in France; IDB, an EyeDB prototype, is produced as part of Genome View
1993: SYSRA founded
1994: EyeDB, a complete rewrite of IDB, developed by SYSRA

SYSRA headquarters is in Yerres, France, a commune in the suburbs of Paris.