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Datameer, Inc. is a business intelligence company that sells software that serves as an application-layer over the Hadoop framework. Datameer’s applications are meant to give lay-users the ability to integrate, analyze, and visualize data quickly.

As a Hadoop solution, Datameer is in direct competition with other major Hadoop software providers in the business intelligence space—some start ups (Hadapt, Karmasphere, Platfora) and others with a more established presence (Cloudera). While Datameer is not the most widely deployed Hadoop solution, the company is seeking to expand through funding that supports the development of a wider range of software offerings. Datameer’s original product provided users with a spreadsheet-based interface that carried some limited data visualizations options and analytics processing. Newly released Datameer software called Datameer 3.0 and Smarter Analytics is expanding the company’s product base by providing applications with machine learning analysis tools that employ decision trees, clustering, column dependencies, and recommendations.

Datameer, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Stefan Groschupf, one of the first data engineers involved in Nutch, an early project of Hadoop co-creator Doug Cutting. Before the founding of Datameer, Groschupf had been collaborating with a team of engineers who worked together for several years building custom big data analytics software. Having developed what would become the proprietary framework of Datameer’s Hadoop overlay software, the team decided to create a product out of the solutions they had built, and to establish a company to further develop and distribute that product.

Datameer runs a team of 60 to 80 employees and has thus far has collected $17.8 million in venture capital funding from Redpoint Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Datameer has number of offices across the United States and the globe. Datameer world headquarters is in San Mateo, CA, but the company keeps its sales and engineering teams in offices in New York, NY, and another international engineering office in Halle (Saale), Germany, the home country of CEO Stefan Groschupf.

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