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Data Xu

DataXu is a programmatic marketing company that optimizes online ad placement. DataXu software tracks and analyzes customer activity, rendering bids based upon intelligence collected and then building messages optimized to create conversions for each ad.

Founders: Mike Baker, Dr. Willard Simmons, Bruce Journey and Sandro Catanzaro
CEO: Mike Baker
2009: DataXu founded; DataXu Platform released
2011: DX Social released; DX 2 and DX 3 released; DX Video released; Demand Side Platform (DSP) released
2012: DataXu acquires demand side platform, Mexad
2013: DataXu for Guaranteed Media released; Algorithm Marketplace released

DataXu is a privately held company and keeps its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. DataXu has multiple domestic offices as well as offices in Europe and South America. The company retains clients in a variety of industries, from entertainment to education, serving organizations like Universal Pictures, Franklin University and Epson.

Most of DataXu’s digital marketing solutions are delivered from the company’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP).

1) DMP: Monitors real-time and historical customer behavior (impressions, clicks, etc.). DMP stores and normalizes data, identifies patterns and trends, forecasts future interactions and generally creates marketing intelligence to help improve customer targeting.
2) DSP: Leverages big data collected and processed in the Data Management Platform to optimize ad placement and messaging, helping to determine which customers are most likely to convert and purchase and how best to reach them.

DataXu actively develops applications to drive its DMP and DSP, including:

DataXu Interactive Intelligence: Utilizes data to help create rich, visually-based marketing collateral (videos, displays, etc.) and share them across social and mobile mediums.
Algorithm Marketplace: A proprietary library of algorithms help create customized targeting and retargeting online marketing experiences.
DataXu for Private Exchange: Gives clients information and avenues to connect with the best publishers to purchase ad placement.
DataXu for Brand Lift: Performs real-time optimization across the web to help locate and funnel new customers into the fold.
DataXu Ad Server: Provides clients with a server for launching marketing campaigns across multiple channels.