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Collective[i] is a business intelligence company with a cloud-based data storage, analytics and visualization platform created to be accessible to lay-users within businesses of all sizes.

Founders: Tad Martin, Heidi Messer and Stephen Messer
CEO: Tad Martin
2007: Collective[i] founded
2012: Collective[i]’s “knowledge network” released

The founders of Collective[i] all came to the BI space with a background in business and marketing: Tad Martin as the former Chief Operations Officer/GMM at and brother and sister Heidi and Stephen Messer having cofounded Linkshare Corporation in the mid-1990s. To build the Collective[i] platform and company framework, the co-founders brought together Hilary Mason,’s former chief scientist; Comcast Corporation co-founder Julian Brodsky; Ken Rudin, one of Facebook’s former head analysts; Lester Wunderman , the founder of Wunderman; and MySql founder, David Axmark.

Collective[i] is a privately held company and keeps its headquarters in New York, NY.

Collective[i]’s product is a software as a service business intelligence solution with desktop and mobile applications designed to address four very specific needs for businesses:

Marketing: Data can be collected from multiple sources, analyzed, accessed on-demand and shared within a network to help make strategic decisions to support marketing initiatives.
Sales: Software allows sales representatives to collect and store data, and facilitates analysis through each step of the sales cycle, from lead generation to closing, to help users locate new buyers and retain customers.
Customer Support: Data collected during transactions can be analyzed by customer support and converted into information useful to operations and client outreach.
Customer Service: Data is converted into opportunity and threat information as well as providing customer service representatives with batches of data in real time, throughout the course of daily business communications.