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Chartio is a business intelligence company with online offerings designed to provide data analytics in real-time.

In developing its business intelligence products, Chartio has made an effort to create software that provides a simple, yet comprehensive user experience. Chartio’s user interface is deliberately simple, with the intent to be accessible to business users with little to no experience in business intelligence as well as to seasoned data analysts and software engineers. Chartio’s products work by circumventing data warehouses and connecting to client databases directly, processing and visualizing data as the software receives input. Chartio software currently supports Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Relational Database Services, Google Analytics, Postgres, SQL, MySQL, Heroku, and Rackspace Cloud.

Chartio is a young company, and its offerings are less robust than other legacy vendors in the business intelligence space. For this reason, the company markets primarily to small to mid-sized businesses and startups with limited budgets and accelerated growth.

Chartio—originally called—was founded by Dave Fowler and Dan Levine. The idea for the company originally came to Levine when he was working as a research analyst at CrunchBase, and observed first hand the growing opportunities in the business intelligence market. Based on the vision he and Fowler had, the partners established Chartio in 2010 with $1.28 million in funding. One year after the founding and first round of funding, Chartio went through a Series A round and managed to collect $3.15 million in from Avalon Ventures and Bullpen Capital, bringing the company’s total funding to $4.38 million. Dan Levine has since moved on, and now works at Accel Partners. Dave Fowler has stayed at Chartio as Chief Executive Officer.

The company remains small, with only eight employees to date, including Fowler, though it has recently been aggressive in its expansion efforts. Chartio is privately held, has its world headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and serves companies in a variety of markets, from Asics and DreamHost to

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