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Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

Centrifuge Systems, Inc. is a technology company that provides big data aggregation and analysis solutions. Centrifuge System’s software is optimized especially for security applications in the financial, retail, pharmaceutical and government sectors.

Founder: Casey Henderson
CEO: Simita Bose
2007: Centrifuge Systems, Inc. founded
2008: Initial venture capital funding provided in Series A round by Novak Biddle Venture Partners
2009: Centrifuge Systems, Inc. founder Casey Henderson made Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Centrifuge System, Inc. is headquartered in McLean, VA, USA. In addition to its core product offering, the company also provides consulting, support and training. Centrifuge Systems partners with companies and organizations all over the world that integrate Centrifuge technology into their existing systems or resell Centrifuge products. These partners include MarkLogic, Topsy, Valkyrie, YarcData, Big Data Visual Analytics and MOS. Other partners include advisors like David Carey and Edward Hart and investors Novak Biddle Venture Partners and FinTech Innovation Lab.

Centrifuge System, Inc.’s product is called Visual Network Analytics (VNA)—software that integrates, maps and visualizes data. VNA is designed to enhance cybersecurity, national security and financial fraud security.

Cyber Security: Sorts through massive data sets to pinpoint suspicious traffic and activity.
National Security: Combines visual analysis, relationship mapping, and data integration to identify and confront risks in counter intelligence and terrorism, money laundering, border security, narcotics, fraud etc.
Financial Fraud: Gives analysts the tools to profile data and uncover patterns in data that suggest criminal activity.