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Blue Fin Labs

Blue Fin Labs

Bluefin Labs is a privately held, social TV analytics company that began as an experiment by Massachusetts Institute of Technology students to analyze big data collected in recorded language. Bluefin Labs tracks Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to measure customer engagement in television and television advertising.

CEO: JP Maheu
Founders: Deb Roy, Ph.D., Michael Fleischman, Ph.D.
2008: Bluefin Labs founded; Bluefin Labs receives $1.15 million in grant funding from the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant
2012: Bluefins Labs hires JP Mahue as chief executive officer
2013: Twitter acquires Bluefin Labs for $80 million.

Bluefin Labs is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company has received funding from a number of venture capital investors, including: Kepha Partners, Lerer Ventures, Acadia Woods Partners, Jim Pallotta, Dan Gilbert, Brian Bedol, Redpoint Ventures, Time Warner Investments and SoftBank Capital.

Bluefin Signals is a software as a service platform that collects, organizes, and measures commentary and conversation about television across a variety of social media outlets. Bluefin Labs sells two versions of Bluefin Signals: Signals Network Edition and Signals Brand Edition.

Signals Network Edition: Lets television networks measure customer sentiment about television programming by following conversations across social media platforms. Signals Network Edition gives networks an accurate picture of general viewer sentiment about programs, characters, plotlines, acts, etc., to help producers create the kind of programming that audiences want and to more strategically place advertisements.
Signals Brand Edition: Functions in much the same way as Signals Network Edition, only with the focus on social media conversations about television advertising rather than programming. Signals Brand Edition also conducts what Bluefin Labs calls “overnight data” tracking, which collects information about television commercials in the US to give customers insights into market trends and competitor positioning. Signals Brand Edition also uses predictive analytics to determine optimal ad placement.