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BloomReach is a company that helps marketers optimize their online impact by identifying demand for services and products on the web. BloomReach accomplishes this by analyzing consumer interactions across billions of web pages, in places like e-commerce sites and advertising and social media channels.

Founders: Raj De Datta and Ashutosh “Ashu” Garg
CEO: Raj De Datta
2009: BloomReach founded
2012: BloomReach Dynamic Duplication Reduction (DDR) release
2012: BloomSearch, BloomLift and BloomSocial launched
2013: BloomMobile launched

BloomReach is headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company also has an office in Bangalore, India. BloomReach is a private enterprise and has relied on venture funding for its initial startup. Investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and New Enterprise Associates (NEA). Bloomreach works with customers across a range of industries, from technology to retail, and include companies like Williams-Sonoma, Yahoo!, Neiman Marcus, Staples and Newegg.

The centerpiece of BloomReach’s service is their Web Relevance Engine (WRE), machine learning technology that collects massive amounts of data, uses that data to analyze demand and helps create more precisely targeted online marketing.

Each day, BloomReach’s WRE reads 10 billion web pages, completes 1,000 Hadoop jobs, and processes 1 billion customer interactions. The applications powered by the WRE are for paid, organic, and mobile search:

Paid search: BloomReach applications provide insights to assist businesses in making better keyword investments and help direct web traffic to pay per click landing pages most targeted to customer needs.
Organic search: BloomReach applications place relevant links on web pages, including related searches and products, that help channel visitors to precisely the information and services they need, building spider food for web crawlers in the process.
Mobile search: BloomReach applications create cross-channel optimization, enhance predictive search and gather online social intelligence to help businesses better capitalize on mobile traffic.

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