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Birst, Inc. is a business intelligence start up out of San Francisco, CA that employs a software-as-service delivery model to integrate big data and facilitate customer analysis.

For years, Birst has focused on developing its software to integrate two key areas of customer activity. First, Birst software combines disparate data sets from across an organization—accounting, executive, marketing, and sales data all brought together in a single data engine for synthesis and/or comparison and analysis. Second, Birst software is designed to integrate data operations that are sometimes carried out by separate products and companies, requiring specially trained personnel to manage each. Birst customers access tools in the cloud, encapsulating, as CEO Brad Peters claims, “BI processes in software, not people.”

Birst came into the business intelligence space relatively early (nearly 10 years ago) and there are now many companies that provide similar services, integrating various data functions and data sets in the cloud. Recently, Birst has invested a good deal of its time as well as massive amounts of capital in expanding into new markets. In 2013, the company raised $38 million dollars in Series E funding from existing investor Sequoia Capital, a handful of previous investors, and new investor Northgate Capital, bringing Birst’s lifetime funding total to $64 million. The money was raised to move the company into markets in Europe and Asia, grow Birst’s product offering in order to better compete domestically and abroad, and make all necessary infrastructure and staffing expansions to enable growth.

Birst, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Brad Peters and Paul Staelin who worked for years at customer relationship management software company Siebel Systems. Peters and Staelin have remained at Birst since its founding, as Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Customer Success. Birst’s products are designed first and foremost as enterprise-grade solutions, especially for mid-sized to large enterprises with multiple departments and commercial and in-house data analysis needs. Birst also makes its products available to OEMs and other software suppliers. The company claims that over one thousand businesses and organizations employ Birst software as their business intelligence solution.

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