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AYATA is a business intelligence company that specializes in prescriptive analytics, that is, the process of combining big data computations with machine learning to predict future events.

CEO: Atanu Basu
Founders: Atanu Basu and team
2003: Research and Development company, DataInfoCom, formed by Atanu Basu and his team
2004 to 2005: Basu and team develop the foundational technology to run their prescriptive analytics software
2007: Version 1 of Prescriptive Analytics software released
2008: Patent awarded in the United States for Prescriptive Analytics software
2009: Version 2 of Prescriptive Analytics software released; DataInfoCom incorporated in the state of Delaware, USA
2010: Prescriptive Analytics software trademarked in the United States of America
2011: Version 3 of Prescriptive Analytics software released with Hybrid Analytics; DataInfoCom renamed “AYATA,” the Sanskrit word for “future”
2013: Version 4 of Prescriptive Analytics software released with Hybrid Analytics

AYATA software performs prescriptive analytics with what the company calls “Hybrid Data,” which brings together data, rules and models for the purpose of predicting future events.

Data: AYATA software collects data from a variety of sources, including the web and external (environmental) data as well as internal information originating from a company’s transactional records. This data can be structured or unstructured.
Rules: In order to understand data in an appropriate context, AYATA’s product applies case-specific rules while processing data, incorporating things like preferences, boundaries, best practices, and policies defined by a business.
Models: AYATA software applies a number of “models” or techniques to produce predictive analytics. The conclusions that AYATA arrives at are generated by way of operations research, pattern discovery, complex statistics, machine learning and techniques for processing human language.

AYATA is a private company that was founded as DataInfoCom in Toronto, Canada, but now keeps its headquarters in Austin, TX. The company focuses on creating solutions for four verticals: oil and gas, telecom and cable, healthcare and technology.