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Apache Solr

Apache Solr

Apache Solr is a platform for search and navigation that can be used by third parties to power most types of applications. As part of the Apache Lucene project, all elements of Apache Solr are open-sourced and free. Apache Solr is programmed with a variety of query features, including full-text, faceted and geospatial search. Apache Solr features also include database integration, dynamic clustering and hit highlighting, among others.

Because Apache Solr is highly customizable and compatible with most software, it is used by organizations the world over to enhance navigation and search for internal and external applications.

Founder: Yonik Seeley
2004: Solr created for the CNET Networks company website
2006: CNET Networks donates Solr to the Apache Software Foundation; Solr is added to Apache Lucene project and becomes open-sourced and free
2007: A user-ready version of Apache Solr is released to the public
2011: Apache Solr 3.1 released
2012: Apache Solr 4.0 released along with Lucene 4.0

The Apache Software Foundation is headquartered in Forest Hill, Maryland, USA.

69) Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch is both the name of an Apache Lucene-powered search and analytics platform as well as the name of the company that distributes it. The platform emerged out of the development of Compass, a search tool created by Shay Bannon eight years prior to the founding of the Elasticsearch company. The product has grown to include a number of enhancements, including Marvel, an Elasticsearch deployment management tool; Kibana, an engine for visualizing data; and Logstash, a data logging solution.

Founders: Steven Schuurman and Shay Banon
CEO: Steven Schuurman
2004: Compass created
2010: First version of Elasticsearch released
2012: Elasticsearch company founded
2013: New headquarters opened in Los Altos, California, USA
2014: Elasticsearch Marvel released

Elasticsearch is headquartered in Los Altos, California, USA, with additional offices in the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany and Switzerland.