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Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is an Apache Software Foundation project that collects machine learning algorithms into a library for public access.

Many of the algorithms in Apache Mahout are for categorization, clustering and collaborative filtering. These algorithms help users perform essential data and Web management tasks, such as identifying common traits in information or tagging massive volumes of Web content.

Other Apache Mahout features include: basic matrix and vector tools, distributed watchmaker implementation and Apache Hadoop integration.

Founder: Grant Ingersoll
1999: Apache Software Foundation formed
2009: Apache Mahout released
2012: Apache Mahout 0.6 released; Mahout 0.7 released
2013: Apache Mahout 0.8 released
2014: Apache Mahout 0.9 released

The Apache Software Foundation is headquartered in Forest Hill, Maryland, USA.