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Apache Lucene

Apache Lucene

Apache Lucene is a project run by the Apache Software Foundation. It consists of four sub-projects: Lucene Core, a text indexing and search engine written in Java; Solr, a search platform; Open Relevance Project, a collective for assembling and circulating material for improving search relevance; and PyLucene, the Lucene Core’s python port. All Apache Lucene projects are open-sourced and free.

The flagship project in Apache Lucene, Lucene Core, is compatible with many applications and includes a comprehensive set of features including ranked search results, sorting by field and spell check.

Founder: Doug Cutting
1999: Lucene created by Doug Cutting, initially posted for download at the SourceForge website
2001: Lucene becomes part of the Apache Software Foundation’s Jakarta project
2006: Lucene 2.0 released
2010: Lucene 3.0 released
2012: Lucene 4.0 released

The Apache Software Foundation headquarters is in Forest Hill, Maryland, USA.