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Apache Drill

Apache Drill

Apache Drill is an ongoing project of the Apache Software Foundation—a framework for applications that analyze data over distributed networks. Drill is massive in its scaling capabilites, and can process petabytes of data across many thousands of servers.

Apache Drill is very similar to Google Dremel except in an open source format, with increased flexibility to support a wider variety of data formats, data sources and query languages. Like Dremel, Drill is designed to work in harmony with Map/Reduce-based computing. It supports flat data files as well as nested data files like Protocol Buffers and JSON.

Chairman: Brett Porter (Apache Software Foundation chair)
2010: Google publishes “Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets” outlining a system for analyzing nested data
2013: Drill Alpha release made available

The Apache Software Foundation is based out of Forest Hill, Maryland, USA.