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Altibase Corporation is a computer technology company that develops and sells relational database management systems. As an in-memory database solution, Altibase software specializes in efficiently and quickly processing through RAM (random access memory).

Three products make up the nucleus of Altibase Corporation’s product line: Altibase XDB (Extreme Database), a database that optimizes in-memory processing with a direct attach mode; Altibase HDB (Hybrid Database), a database with the capability to access both memory and disk; and Altibase CEP, for real-time, complex-event processing.

Founder: ETRI, a research group for the South Korean government
CEO: Chris Chung
1991-1997: ETRI conducts research into the impact of RAM on relational databases; v1.0, a prototype of Altibase DBMS, produced
1999: Altibase Corporation founded
2002: ALTIBASE v2.0 released
2003: Altibase partners with ITEC
2004: Altibase releases Altibase HDB
2009: Altibase releases Altibase CEP

Altibase Corporation has an Asian headquarters in Seoul, Korea, and a US Headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The company also has offices in Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; and Palo Alto, California, USA.