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Alteryx, Inc.

Alteryx, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Alteryx, Inc. is a business analytics and visualization company based out of Irvine, CA that creates analytic applications for collecting and combining structured and unstructured data from disparate sources; performing, spatial, predictive, and statistical analytics; and giving users a platform for sharing analytic applications throughout a network.

Alteryx Inc. as it exists today first grew out of an LLC of the same name, Alteryx LLC, which produced the original products in the Alteryx Inc. line. Since then, Alteryx Inc. has expanded the package data and consumer spatial analytics products it inherited and developed them into a more expansive platform to be scaled and applied in a wide variety of industries. Alteryx Inc. continues to focus on statistical analytics, predictive or R-based analytics, and SaaS connectivity, all achieved in the cloud.

The Alteryx platform functions by transmitting customer data into a data engine, which is managed behind the firewall by a data analyst. Using MongoDB and NoQsl, data is migrated to apps held in the cloud, which are in turn accessed by customers, who have the option to integrate outside market information alongside private data.

Since the formation of Alteryx, Inc., the company has expanded into multiple markets such as communications, marketing, retail, data management, finance, healthcare, and hospitality. Alteryx Inc. is privately held and has raised $18 million in funding since its formation, a significant portion of which came as recently as 2013 when the company raised $12 million dollars in venture capital from SAP Ventures and TOBA Capital (a firm formed by Vinny Smith, founder and former CEO of Quest).

Alteryx also partners with Tableau Software to supplement the company’s data analytics engine with a more robust visualization platform than is carried in native Alteryx software.

Alteryx, Inc. was founded by Dean Stoecker, Ned Harding, and Olivia Duane Adams, all of whom remain with the company as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Customer Officer, respectively. Alteryx Inc. keeps its headquarters in Irvine, but also keeps offices in Silicon Valley, CA and Boulder, CO. Alteryx Inc. claims to serve over 300 organizations and 200,000 users.