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1010data is business intelligence company with a cloud-based data warehouse for data management and analysis. 1010data’s software is designed as an all-in-one solution, meant to relieve customers from having to develop and maintain their own onsite data management software, hardware, and administrative staff.

The company’s services are subscription-based. Customers pay a regular fee to relinquish all of their data to 1010data, which then processes it, places it in a readable format, and returns it ready for analysis. The architecture of the software is such that data can then be manipulated and examined using analytical tools in the user interface. In addition to handling data offsite and offering tools for analysis, 1010data also provides customers with access to third-party data for analysis.

Founded in 2000 by finance and technology veterans Sandy Steier and Joe Kaplan, 1010data claims to have created the first cloud-based, big data warehouse, though others in the industry have certainly surpassed the company in size and scope of service.

Because 1010data CEO Sandy Steier and CTO Joel Kaplan have longtime connections on Wall Street going back decades to when both men worked there, the company maintains a stable customer base in finance, providing services to organizations from Bank of America to Credit Suisse. In recent years, 1010data has actively pursued business in new verticals, especially data-laden industries like telecommunications. This expansion has forced the company to seek out data management solutions it hasn’t had great need of before—technologies like visualization tools and graphing relations relevant to industries other than finance.

Unlike many of the prominent business intelligence companies that have grown out of the western United States, 1010data was established in New York City, their first customer was the New York Stock Exchange, and company has kept headquarters in NYC since its founding. 1010data is privately held, and in 2010 received its first round of venture capital funding from Norwest Venture Partners. The company earns revenue between $30 to $50 million a year, staffs in the neighborhood of 70 employees, and currently keeps clients in finance, retail, and telecommunications, among others. In 2013, 1010data partnered with Tableau Software, giving their customers access to Tableau’s visualization technology, and providing Tableau customers with access to 1010data processing software.