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Tableau Online Will Run On AWS

Tableau Using AWS
28 November, 2016

Tableau Online Will Run On AWS

It’s not a huge surprise that business software maker Tableau, now led by former Amazon executive Adam Selipsky, is putting the online version of its data visualization tool on Amazon Web Services. Selipsky, after all, had spent more than a decade helping build Amazon Web Services into the public cloud juggernaut it now is.

But if you dig deeper, an interesting narrative emerges — but back to that in a moment.

The news, to be formally announced next week at the annual AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, is that Tableau Online will run on Amazon’s massive public cloud and that customers will be able to buy it through the AWS Marketplace.

All a prospective user will have to do is click on a few on-screen boxes to get started, Selipsky told Fortune in an interview. Until now, Tableau Online data visualization service was only available on Tableau’s own infrastructure.

Tableau also sells a version of the same software that companies can run on their own data center gear. This is called Tableau Server, but Tableau Online is the company’s fastest growing product.

Thirteen-year-old Tableau fueled the rise of what is called “self-serve analytics,” which enables mere mortals, not business analysts, to show off their important data in ways that make sense. Previously, workers had to submit requests to business analysts for data reports and then wait hours, or even days, for the result. It was hardly an optimal process in a fast-changing business world.

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