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Qlik Announces SMB Cloud Solution; Kinetica Combines AI And BI

24 January, 2017

Qlik Announces SMB Cloud Solution; Kinetica Combines AI And BI

Qlik is making its SaaS solution available to small businesses, groups and teams. Meanwhile, Kinetica adds in-database user functions, allowing ML library calls right from its GPU-accelerated analytics platform.

The analytics world continues to add breakthrough technologies, provide more integrated offerings and package them up for use by both large and small organizations.

Qlik, which just recently announced that it was acquiring GIS player Idevio and integrating location analytics capabilities into its product, is now taking its Qlik Sense Cloud offering and making it available to a broader audience. Previously available for Enterprise customers, the Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is now available to small and medium businesses (SMBs), groups and teams as Qlik Sense Cloud Business.

Qlik’s nitty gritty
Unlike Qlik’s original QlikView product, which provides a native desktop interface, Qlik Sense sports an HTML 5 Web browser-based interface and, as such, is well-suited to packaging in SaaS form. Qlik is apparently very serious about the cloud. In its press release on the SMB offering, it refers to Qlik Sense as “a micro-services platform designed for the cloud” and “an extensible, cloud-first platform.”

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