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Oracle Bets Big On Cloud Computing Services

21 January, 2015

Oracle Bets Big On Cloud Computing Services

Dubai: Oracle, like other technology peers, is betting big on cloud computing as it transits from a hardware supplier and developer to a complete cloud solutions provider.

Even though cloud offerings posted a robust growth of 140 per cent in the second quarter, Oracle’s dominance in the database market is not exactly leading to its dominance in the cloud space as it still accounts for around five per cent of overall revenues.

“Our strategy in cloud is working and we are going to invest more. We had a tremendous growth in cloud offerings in the Middle East. We have added 300 new and expansion software as a service [SaaS] cloud customers in the first quarter and second quarter,” said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd, who was in Dubai on Tuesday.

“We are in a very early innings and in a transition phase. The second quarter SaaS growth was 80 per cent in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA),” he said.

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