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Microsoft Releases R Server 9.0 and Free R Client 3.3.2

8 December, 2016

Microsoft Releases R Server 9.0 and Free R Client 3.3.2

Microsoft today is announcing the release of R Server 9.0, an update for the commercially supported big data software aimed at large organizations. Microsoft is also releasing R Client 3.3.2, the latest version of the free software that people can run on desktop computers, as opposed to servers.

R Server was previously known as Revolution R Enterprise but was renamed earlier this year, following Microsoft’s 2015 acquisition of Revolution Analytics, a vendor of distributions of the R programming language.

The new release — which draws on open-source R and community contributions as well as Microsoft’s own proprietary tools — contains a number of enhancements.

For one, the server software now includes the new MicrosoftML package with six new algorithms, including an artificial neural network for deep learning that can train on lots of data using graphics processing units (GPUs) and then make inferences on new data. (People can use one of many open source deep learning frameworks instead, but this is in R.)

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