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IBM’s Watson Analytics Platform Is Now Open To Everyone

5 December, 2014

IBM’s Watson Analytics Platform Is Now Open To Everyone

IBM’s Watson Analytics service is now in open beta. The natural language-based system, born of the same program that developed the company’sJeopardy-playing super computer, offers predictive and visual analytics tools for businesses.

Early this summer, IBM announced it is investing more than $1 billion into commercializing Watson. Watson Analytics is part of that effort. The company promises that it can can automate tasks such as data preparation, predictive analysis and visual storytelling.

IBM will offer Watson Analytics as a cloud-based freemium service, accessible via the Web and mobile devices. Since it announced the program in the summer, 22,000 people have registered for the beta.

The launch of Watson Analytics follows the announcement two months ago thatIBM has teamed up with Twitter to apply the Watson technology to analyzing data from the social network.

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