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IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses

16 September, 2014

IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses

IBM today announced a new product called Watson Analytics, one they claim will bring sophisticated big data analysis to the average business user.

Watson Analytics is a cloud application that does all of the the heavy lifting related to big data processing by retrieving the data, analyzing it, cleaning it, building sophisticated visualizations and offering an environment for communicating and collaborating around the data. And lest you think that IBM is just slapping on the Watson label because it’s a well known brand (as I did), Eric Sall, vp of worldwide marketing for business analytics at IBM says that’s the not the case. The technology underlying the product including the ability to process natural language queries is built on Watson technology.

Sall says the goal of the product is to put “powerful analytics in the hands of every business user.” As he says, “People understand they should be making better decisions to leverage data and analytics, but the reason they don’t is it’s too hard.”

For the most part analyzing big data today requires access to vast infrastructure resources, a team of developers and data scientists and there aren’t enough of the latter. Sall said that means getting answers can take days or weeks and in today’s business climate, that’s just not acceptable. What’s more, business users shouldn’t have to beg for access to the information they need to do their jobs.

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