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Federated Co-operatives Limited Puts Informatica At Center Of System Modernization And Analytics Initiative

20 May, 2013

Federated Co-operatives Limited Puts Informatica At Center Of System Modernization And Analytics Initiative

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 20, 2013 –
Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), the largest non-financial co-operative in Canada, will use Informatica’s PowerCenter, PowerExchange and B2B Data Transformation to manage its data.

Informatica will support FCL’s Foundation for Analytics program, a multi-year initiative to ensure the accurate and consistent use of information as it flows into the enterprise and is used across all applications and processes. With big data flowing from multiple sources, FCL needs to transform the data into meaningful information for business analytics.

“Our Foundation for Analytics program will allow FCL to manage data as an asset and grow the value of that asset,” said Faramarz Farahani, vice president of Information Technology for FCL. “Working with Informatica, we will be able to improve decision making and business development initiatives through effective management of trusted, easily accessible information. Our goal is to modernize legacy applications and support new enterprise applications.”

The Informatica platform will replace hand-coded data integration interfaces; transform and migrate supply chain, sales, finance, member, and other business data from a legacy mainframe platform; bi-directionally synchronize data between the new and legacy environments; and integrate complex binary mainframe files in days instead of weeks.

“Business transformation projects typically hinge on being able to more efficiently access, integrate and deliver data throughout the enterprise,” said Todd Goldman, vice president and general manager of Enterprise Data Integration for Informatica. “Informatica empowers enterprises to make optimal use of their data, regardless of source, complexity, volume or velocity.”

Organizations like FCL are able to leverage a single data integration approach, resulting in:

Higher value data – Easy access to complete, timely and relevant data will enable faster and more effective business decisions and improved operational performance.
Lower cost of data – Integration routines that once took months and considerable expense to write manually can now be created in a matter of days or hours.
Rapid time-to-value – As operations expand and evolve, new data sources can be quickly added to its analytic environment and new data types can be easily accommodated to create new business value.
When launched later this year, the Informatica platform will serve as the unifying data integration and movement engine for FCL’s new systems environment, which includes an enterprise data warehouse and analytics data warehouse. These systems will support a variety of front-end applications and business intelligence tools that will be used by hundreds of employees.

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