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Bunch Wants To Be ‘Google Analytics For Company Culture’

5 September, 2017

Bunch Wants To Be ‘Google Analytics For Company Culture’

Bunch, a newly-launched startup operating out of Berlin, is aiming to be something akin to a “Google Analytics for company culture”. It offers a SaaS to let companies and company teams quantify internal company culture, and then use this data as the basis to screen job candidates to help ensure that they will also be a good fit.

Specifically, by mapping company culture data against that provided by a job applicant, the idea, Bunch founder and CEO Darja Gutnick tells me, is to be able to highlight any potential cultural fit issues that can be teased out during a subsequent interview. The software itself is based on the “organizational culture diagnosis” model developed by Charles O’Reilly from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

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