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Big Data Analytics Pioneer Sets Sights On Houston

16 December, 2016

Big Data Analytics Pioneer Sets Sights On Houston

A Palo Alto-based startup that’s part of the latest trend in data analytics has set its sights on Houston.

Maana has hired four people here, and is considering opening a worldwide hub next year, to be close to its oil and gas customers.

Maana seeks to do for companies in industries with heavy assets what Palantir has done for national security or what IBM Watson has done for healthcare. It has raised money from some of the world’s top oil companies, including a $26 million round of funding, led by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, in May.

It’s approach – using artificial intelligence to help people make better decisions faster – will be the new normal in the next three to five years, Rita Sallam, Research Vice President at Gartner said.

“It will be up to Maana to be one of the major vendors in this next generation of analytics platforms,” Sallam said.

Maana seeks to solve a common problem in the tech industry that its co-founders, Babur Ozden and Donald Thompson, saw emerge while working in Silicon Valley and at Microsoft in Seattle.

Over the past five years, smart objects have started emitting more and more data, about people and objects. Businesses have to figure out how to use that data to their advantage. When leveraged correctly, that data can provide insights that help companies save and make money. But traditional data analytics aren’t going to cut it.

Enter Maana. The 4-year-old, 70-person startup has developed a platform ┬áthat sorts through data and finds connections across an entire company. ┬áThis “Knowledge Platform” translates that data into insights that employees who aren’t data scientists can use.

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