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Is Apple Secretly Working On AI Chips For The Next iPhone?

2 June, 2017

Is Apple Secretly Working On AI Chips For The Next iPhone?

Creating artificial intelligence that marvels and excites people has never been an easy job, but it has always been one that Apple Inc. has been good at. The company’s virtual assistant for smartphones, commonly known as Siri, was the first of its kind to bring artificial intelligence technology to smartphone assistants, positioning the company as one of the pioneering names in bringing artificial intelligence to personal computers.

But now, as machine learning gets more and more complicated and every task that requires the use of artificial intelligence grows more resource intensive than ever, the company has apparently come to realization that its inbuilt central processing unit is hardly powerful enough to perform these functions solo. The result, as reported by Bloomberg, is a new project, not yet formally announced, that is working on helping the company develop its own artificial intelligence chipset, developed specifically to perform data-intensive deep learning tasks and help take the load off a device’s core processor.

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